Clinique. A brand I've heard of for many years but never really took time to discover, simply because I had always thought it was too expensive. Not only that, but I felt that I had found my 'swear by' products in the Body Shop Vitamin E range already. There was no need to go searching was there?

Now, don't get me wrong. I still think the Vitamin E products are amazing and I would still recommend them. The reason why I decided to try the Clinique 3-step skincare is because my skin had been misbehaving for a couple of weeks prior to me using it. My skin was very dry in areas and I was coming up with small black and white heads too often for me to ignore.

Personally, I think partly the reason my skin is playing up is because of the prgenancy hormones, the other side could be that because I've been using the Vitamin E for so many years now, it's not as effective as when I first bought it.

I think it's probably a good idea to vary products after long periods so your skin doesn't become 'immune' to what you're using.


I went into my local Debenhams and met one of the Clinique representatives who talked to me briefly about my type of skin and what I was looking for. 

We decided that my skin was dry combination because although my face can get dry I still tend to get an oily t-zone. 

As I said before, I do consider the Clinique products quite expensive, but besides that, I wanted to try it before I invested the sixty odd pounds I would have to spend to buy all 3 steps in their full amounts.

They sell an introductory box which has the 3 steps included for £20 which to me seems very convenient. 

The instructions say to use the products morning and night for two weeks to see a difference, but if you ask me, I began to see a difference in a couple of days. 

Honestly, my skin is so much smoother and feels so radiant and glowing. I’ve been showing off a little bit to be honest but just to my husband really!

He said he was going to share the products with me and my face contorted. Erm, If I had a meme to describe my face I would insert it here, but I swiftly and cleverly bought him his own face wash so he would leave mine alone. 

Anyway, these are the three steps included in the box. Consider this a beginner’s class on Clinique. If I’m new to it I’m sure there’s others out there that may have never tried it before either.



I quite like the soap cleanser in this kit. It’s not too harsh, has a slippery consistency, and you don’t need alot of it to go a long way. It foams up like soap but not too much – just enough that you feel like your skin is being cleansed while using it. It’s also very easy to wash off which is a bonus for me because I hate rinsing stubborn soap off my face for minutes on end.



This is quite different to what I’m used to because I would have called this step toner, but they’ve called it exfoliate. It’s basically a liquid that you use on a cotton pad and wipe over your face to remove any extra dirt and impurities from inside your pores. When you use it after the soap it feels a little hot, like a menthol or alcohol, then after a minute or two it goes away. After this step my face feels so much smoother it’s unreal.



The last step in the 3-step skincare kit is to use the moisturiser. If I’m honest, I don’t feel like it’s anything special but it does feel nice after it’s been applied. That said, I feel it’s due more to the first two steps anyway. When I come to buying the full size products I'll probably purchase the thicker version of the cream.

One thing I don’t really appreciate either is how small the cream is compared to the other two bottles. I’m sure it’s nearly finished now! 

Overall, these are an amazing set of products. I’ve also realised they have so many different versions of the intro kit, which is also really amazing because they realise that every individual and every person’s skin is different. What might work for me might not work for you, but there are many alternatives.

If you’re someone who’s never used Clinique products before and you try it let me know how you found it and which products you used.

Or, if you use Clinique products already, I’d love to know what products you use and how it works for you too.


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